Sexual positions and Emotional Investment

Sexual Position and Emotional Investment

Sexual desires are counted as a basic need of a person. And to enhance the process sexual positions create an emotional investment for both partners.

Like food, air, water sexual needs are also there with all living creatures. Sex is necessary for the survival of livings because of the reproduction process as we talk about scientifically.

But, apart from needs, there are also desires and bonding affiliated among the partners during sex. To make those bonding strong sexual positions and emotional investment both are vital ingredients.

As an emotional investment, we are talking about long-term relationships with the essence of love, not one night stands or short relationships. 

To build up a strong connection sexual relation has to be strong enough for both the partners to carry out their other life activities effectively. Boring sex life brings unattachment and lack of interest in sexual activities and the partner too.

For making sexual life spicier and to make every moment blissful partners should try something new.

Sounds, touch on bare skin kisses embraces are the key factors to invest in the emotional aspect. But to make things more enjoyable and connected sexual positions play an important role.

Here are some sexual positions which will make your bedroom messier yet enchanted with love.

Slip and Slide:

When there is a great understanding between the partners and they want to go on the next level of their relationship, and both want to be dominant then this position will give them the exact combination of dominance and submissiveness.

From changing the position and the women sliding on top this will add extra fun and intimacy to get the most pleasurable moments.

Doggy style:

If the male partner wants to be more dominant. Then this style creates a dominant factor during sex.

It’s all about mutual understanding. Most women like to be submissive during sex and yet want to be loved so for them this position defines it all.

Standing sex:

For those who are bold and confident and want to have fun in the shower than for their taste and emotional intimacy, this position will satisfy the urge of the bold and wild nature of the partners.

Starfish position:

For the best outreach position during sex, this position provides the ultimate pleasure. Partners who want to go on the edge should try out this position for the most intimate touch during sex.


The most common and applicable position to make both the partners feel each other as comfortable as they can is the missionary position. This can also be said as an ancient technique but is as new as before.


To hold your partner, to show your affection in the most affectionate position this position provides a soothing effect to the heart and the body.

The partner will embrace the state of sheer happiness and will be fully covered with the overwhelming feelings created by the partner for the most precious moments of the time they are spending with each other.

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