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When cancer develops in the cells of the skin is known as Melanoma.

Melanoma is not exactly skin cancer it is a type of skin cancer develops in the cells of the melanocytes.

Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin. Melanin is the ingredient responsible for the skin tones. Lower level of melanin means darker skin tone.

Melanoma can occur in the eyes of the person also but it rarely occurs in the internal organs of the body. Skin cancer is been widely getting spread in most women due to exposure in the sunlight.

Symptoms of Melanoma:

Melanoma starts with black or brown colored pigmentation. pigmentation can occur on any part of the body mostly those parts which are mostly exposed to the sun.

It can also occur in the soles of the feet or on the palms. People with darker skin tone have more chances to get melanoma.

The pigmentation or moles start getting bigger in size with the passage of time and starts to appear like brown or black patches. And it is the time the person should immediately consult with a doctor.

There are also chances of melanoma to get appear in other areas. They can appear in the eyes, or under the nail.

Mostly they don’t occur in the internal organs but sometimes the cases are reported of melanoma in the mouth, vagina or digestive tract.


The reason behind Melanoma:

Cancer is the disorder when the cells start behaving abnormally. This is also the case with melanoma. Skin produces new cells and the older cells are pushed towards the surface of the cells where they die.

The melanin cells are produced in an organized way and they function properly. But when the healthy cells start to grow abnormally from where the condition starts.

There are certain factors that are responsible for the development of melanoma. And they can be:

Excessive exposure to the sunlight as ultraviolet rays are responsible for the melanoma.

  • Family history
  • Excessive complains of sunburns
  • People with freckles are more likely to get melanoma
  • Too many moles
  • Weak immune system

Treatment and Prevention:

If diagnosed early, there are more chances for the patient with melanoma to get treated completely. The treatment is mostly the removal of the upsized moles through surgeries.

After the surgery, the patient has to go through chemotherapy. It’s a painful process for the patient and needs a lot of strength to go through it.

After the chemotherapy radiation is done to burn all the cells on the affected area with special lights.

There is a therapy called biological therapy which can be performed to boost the body’s immune system.

A person can have preventive measures to avoid the condition like it.

People should have less exposure to sunlight.

If going in the sunlight consistent use of sunscreen is suggested.

Try to wear complete clothes while going into the sunlight

Try not to use the tanning lamps and lights

Frequently observe your skin pigmentation.

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