Keto Meal Plan

Keto Meal Plan
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The most famous diet these days is the ketogenic diet also known as the keto diet. This diet is also followed by celebrities nowadays.

Weight loss is a science. A person has to learn about the weight loss science before starting to lose weight. To follow this diet a person, have to restrict to special meals known as a keto meal plan.

Keto Diet:

The human body is designed to work on the ingredient name glucose. After years of research, doctors created a way to make the bodywork on the fats instead of glucose as the main energy source. And for doing this is so they have to manage a special meal plan known as a keto meal plan.


A body works on glucose and when we want to change the fuel source from glucose to fats it needs efforts and time. The state when a body goes to use fats as an energy source is called ketosis. In ketosis, the body starts releasing ketones through urine and thus confirming that the body is in the ketosis state.

Keto Meal Plan:

Keto Meal Plan

To go on a ketogenic diet a person has to take care of the keto meal plans. It’s really necessary to follow the diet strictly to see the visible weight loss results. It looks difficult to reduce the consumption of the carbs but following the keto meal plan accordingly will help you effectively.

Keto-Friendly Foods:

Keto-friendly foods are foods with fewer carbs or no carbs. To maintain the state of ketosis consumption of carbs allowed per day should not be more than 20%. Green vegetables, eggs, poultry, healthy fats, nut butter, full-fat cheese, all these foods come under keto-friendly foods.

Foods to evade:

To lose weight n a keto diet a person has to understand the damage carbs can do to his diet. Foods with high carbs are not allowed in this diet. Wheat, whole grains, fruits, sugary foods thus all the foods with a high amount of carbs are to be avoided to stay into ketosis mode.

Keto Flu:

When a body is getting ready to go into the ketosis mode, it reacts differently and shows symptoms of nausea, dizziness, headaches. Research has termed this condition as keto flu. It’s a temporary condition that fades away just as the body goes into a ketosis state.

Keto sweeteners:

Sugary items are not allowed into the keto meal plan. But instead of sugar substitutes are allowed. The best-recommended substitute is Stevia, which is a plant-based sweetener. It has zero calories and zero carbs. Splenda can also count as the other substitute for keto meal plan.


Wheat and whole grains are not allowed in a keto meal plan. So, for those who are following keto, there are substitutes flours available to keep fit and healthy.

  •         Almond flour
  •         Coconut flour
  •         Flaxseeds flour


To be consistent in keto diet watch out the sugary drinks available out there. Keto-friendly drinks are:

  •         Water
  •         Green tea
  •         Black coffee       

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