Coronavirus – Solution and Prevention

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This is a disease that causes fever, Flu and dry cough and especially problem in breathing. This disease is transmitted from animals like bats, rats, and snakes.

When humans start eating bats rats and snakes it can easily transmit into humans and can pass to other humans by droplets through sneezing and in many ways.

This disease is contagious if you are having Coronavirus you can infect all the people around those are near you. Those who touched you incase you have sneezed on your hand or even if you have touched any metal, clothes after sneezing you can infect things around.

This is why its pandemic nationally and affecting the whole world, Prime Minister’s from all over the world are advising their nations to be strong and face the pandemic, By taking precautions and avoid social gathering.

Why only Coronavirus is Complex

CoronaVirus is a family of bacteria, it always comes in a different type and with a complex code that is not easy to cope with. Worldwide doctors and scientists are trying to break the code of this deadly disease but yet not come up with a perfect solution. The saddest part of this Virus that it might take 1.5 years to discover the solution to this disease.

Is China responsible for Coronavirus?

My analysis and research for this, Is no!  It is spread from Wuhan, China but it is not proven yet that it originated from Wuhan. Maybe it is spread for purpose, it is still secret for the world but soon China will be able to identify the culprit.


There are some countries who did not take coronavirus seriously and now have no place to bury their people after death. Yes this might be shocking to you but taking safety measures is very important around the Globe until someone comes up with a solution

  1. Social distancing
  2.  Wash your hands
  3. Wear mask
  4. Use hand sanitizer after any interaction with things or human 
  5. Maintain 6ft distance

What if we don’t take precautions?

If we don’t take precautions, we will kill our lives on our own and infect all people around us and in the end, it will be difficult for the country to handle this critical situation, So we should unite with the government and take safety measures.

What is the solution For Corona Virus?

As many of us are looking for a solution to prevent this contagious disease, unitedly all the nations around the globe have come up with the idea of isolation and maintaining social distancing.

Many countries are locking down just because of people’s safety. This is the idea but it is difficult for everyone to accept and implement because every country has different economic, financial and Control over the public that is why it becomes very difficult for some countries.  Iran and Italy didn’t listen to their Government and facing a lot of issues.

Impacts of Lockdown: 

It will impact the economy globally as no trade is done. Each country tries to save its resources and their products for their own wellness and one main reason is that airports are locked down and roads are blocked. No sale and purchase are to be done until the lockdown is over.

Do not fear !!

Don’t Worry

People are fearing due to the Coronavirus as it is contagious and can take your life.

Lastly, Don’t panic and it can not affect you without your consent. Make sure to take safety precautions. We hope that the world will soon find a solution to this deadly disease.

Pray for Everyone’s safety

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